Ingrid’s HemoHIM Story

My name is Ingrid and I am a Perth Atomy member and
I just wanted to tell you my story with HemoHIM.

Please know that long before I joined the Atomy group in December 2016, I had been diagnosed with an auto immune disorder that not only affected my whole body but it really prevented my skin from healing whenever I cut myself (no matter how small or insignificant the cut might of been) Consequently, after I suffered a one minor cut that I did developed a severe type of chronic infection on my left leg and which then was also starting to spread to my right leg.
This was very painful and scary time for me as no antibiotics, creams, herbs or other very expensive homeopathy medicine would really helped contained this infection, with my left leg getting worse and fearing hospital treatment which I had been recommended to cleaned the leg off the infected skin which would of not secured my condition from happening again.
It was at this time that Esther introduced to me “HenoHIM”, which I began to take in March 2017 two to six sachets a day. After the first three weeks of having HemoHIM, I noticed my skin was starting to look so much better that I also decided to apply the residue of the empty sachets over the surface of my wounds which I believe aid in speeding up my recovery.
It’s now been more than a year that I have been enjoying my good health with just one sachet of HemoHIM a day and I no longer suffered from any infections or any other sickness.
I feel great, re-energised.
I am more focus and living my life with a new sense of hope and joy.

To those that haven’t as yet try this wonderful and amazing product called “HemoHIM”, please give it a go!
You truly deserved to live a healed life and it all starts from the inside out!!!
God Bless