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  • Wow, What a difference! Using just HemoHIM – applying nothing to the skin, completely removed the eczema from my hands. S.C.
  • Dermatitis… gone! The first picture is of my hand and it actually got worse… dermatitis… after 3 weeks using HemoHIM it has cleared right up. No more itching or pain. I can’t believe it as it has been like this for 6 months. This is just one of the great things about this product. Gives you energy ...
  • Ingrid’s HemoHIM Story My name is Ingrid and I am a Perth Atomy member and I just wanted to tell you my story with HemoHIM. Please know that long before I joined the Atomy group in December 2016, I had been diagnosed with an auto immune disorder that not only affected my whole body but it really prevented my skin ...
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